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Directors & Officers Insurance

Individuals serving on a board of directors or acting as president of a corporation are at risk for liability arising out of their decisions and actions while fulfilling the duties of that position. Personal liability policies often do no extend to workplace exposures. A solid directors and officers policy is often the only recourse to protect key staff members against liability exposures created by their ability to make decisions that impact many.

How Hidden Valley Adds Value

It is our practice to seek Directors and Officers coverage with defense cost coverage in addition to the limit of liability. We work to have the benefits of non-rescindable side A coverage to protect innocent officers in the event that one member is guilty of unethical or illegal acts. We often combine this coverage with employment practices liability to provide a premium discount for our clients. We are able to also combine with fiduciary liability coverage and even crime coverage where appropriate. We take the time to understand the full extent of your exposure in an effort to maximize coverage where you are most vulnerable to a claim.

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