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General Liability

Is your policy written on a claims-made or occurrence form? Do you understand the difference? Do you have products and completed operations coverage? Are you currently written on a designated premise form? Are you at risk for global claims? Is your policy auditable or are you paying a flat rate?

You should be able to definitively answer each of these questions if you currently carry a commercial general liability policy. At Hidden Valley Insurance, we pride ourselves in making sure our insureds know how and where their policy will respond. We help to provide a basic education to our insureds about what the verbiage in the "insurance requirements" section of their contract really means to them long term. We review our client's contracts to be sure that they are not assuming liability without carrier support. We help them understand how to negotiate contract requirements to be more favorable for themselves and their insurance company. It is our goal to help each of our clients to understand the claim reporting provisions of their policy. We aim to assist our clients with building long-term relationships with their insurance providers.

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