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Did you know that there are seventeen categories of property that are not covered under the ISO fixed commercial property form?

These items are not covered either because they are better insured elsewhere, or highly susceptible to loss.

  • Accounts, bills, currency, etc.
  • Animals
  • Automobiles held for sale
  • Bridges, roadways, walks, patios, or other paved surfaces
  • Contraband
  • Cost of excavations, grading, backfilling, or filling
  • Foundations of buildings
  • Land, water, growing crops or lawns
  • Personal property while airborne or waterborne
  • Bulkheads, pilings, piers, wharves, or docks
  • Property that is covered under another coverage form in which it is more specifically described
  • Retaining walls that are not part of a building
  • Underground pipes, flues, or drains
  • Electronic data
  • Valuable papers, including those which exist as electronic data
  • Vehicles or self-propelled machines (including air or watercraft)
  • Fences, radio or television antennas, satellite dishes, trees, shrubs, or plants

If you own any of these items and have not procured an endorsement or other type of policy to insure them, chances are you are not insured properly. We would be happy to review your insurance policy and partner with you to tailor it to make you whole in the event of a covered cause of loss.