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Insurance is one of the few things we buy and hope we never have to use. 

What happens if you do have a claim?  We often hear customers who are reluctant to file a claim, afraid that their rates will increase, or their carrier will drop them.  What many consumers do not understand are the consequences of not filing a claim in a timely manner.  When it comes to workers’ compensation you can even be in violation of state law by not filing a claim promptly.  Commercial policies including professional liability and Directors & Officers insurance often have very clear parameters about when the carrier expects to be notified about a claim or a potential claim.  By not reporting a claim or circumstance promptly you may be negating policy coverage.  Be informed.  Read your policy and make sure you comply with your carrier’s claim reporting provisions.  Early notification enables the carrier to take control of the claim and has been proven to result in decreasing claim severity, especially on workers’ compensation claims.