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Employment Practices Liability Insurance
This is not part of workers’ compensation. If you only carry workers’ compensation insurance you are not covered for suits arising from employee allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation or EEOC claims. If you do not have this coverage you should be worried.
Think you will never have a claim? 30% of all civil suits are employment related.
Think your company is too small, that all of your employees are like family? 40% of employment practices liability suits are against companies with 100 employees or less.
Think your policies and procedures are air tight and you will never lose a law suit? 2 out of 3 employees will win if an employment practices law suit goes to trial and 75% of employees get at least some type of compensation after filing suit.
All it takes is an allegation. Contact our office today to find out how to protect your business from Employment Practices Liability claims.