February 13, 2015

Special Event Insurance

Are you aware that Americans spend a whopping $40,000,000,000 annually on the wedding industry? Are you aware that the most popular wedding cake flavors in 2014 included red velvet, chocolate and white chocolate raspberry according to Bride Box.   If you’ve followed Huffington Post you may be aware that Mexico and Hawaii are among the most popular places to tie the knot.

If you or someone you know is planning to get hitched this summer you may know this trivia all too well. What you may not know is that our agency can assist you with insurance coverage for your big day. Many venues require that you provide general liability insurance in order to have your event on their premise. We have multiple options for event insurance for very affordable premiums and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly we can help you check this to do off of your list.

We can assist with all special event coverage for a variety of happenings, including, but not limited to; graduation parties, quinceaneras, birthday bashes and family reunions. Give us a call to take the hassle out of insuring your summer events.