July 24, 2019


Sure, you know that we can take care of your insurance needs, but did you know that we also handle bonds? Our turn-around time on some bonds, like ERISA and Notary, is as fast as the premiums are low. We can obtain the information we need for these bonds over the phone and typically have the bond documents and invoicing in the mail to you the same day.
We also can assist with more complicated bonds like performance bonds, license bonds and even reclamation bonds. These types of bonds are underwritten by one of several surety companies with whom we have well- established relationships. Let us help you with your next bond.

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September 24, 2014

ERISA 40th Anniversary

In addition to being National Preparedness Month this September also marks the 40th Anniversary of ERISA. ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act which was enacted September 2, 1974. The intent of ERISA was to prevent companies from deliberately underfunding pensions and spending the money. If you have a 401k plan or profit sharing plan you almost certainly have an ERISA bond in place. The bond limit should be equal to or greater than 10% of plan assets. Our agency is able to place ERISA bonds with reputable surety companies for you. In addition to the ERISA Bond which protects the plan, you may also need Fiduciary Liability coverage to protect the fiduciary on that plan. Many of our clients have been surprised when we’ve sent them back to plan managers to find out who the fiduciary is, only to find out their name listed. Make sure you’re protected, let us review your ERISA bond or answer any questions you have regarding ERISA and Fiduciary Liability.

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